About the Wannock Downs WI (formerly Jevington and Filching WI)

Please don’t be misled by our title. Any lady over the age of 18 can join us or come as a visitor to our meetings regardless of where she lives. At the present time our members come from Jevington, Wannock, Willingdon, Polegate, Hailsham and Eastbourne. Sorry chaps, but we do include you on some of our outings.

The very beginning

The following is taken from the Scrapbook compiled by members of Jevington & Filching WI in Jan 1953 as part of an East Sussex competition.

“Our Institute owes its existence to Mrs Eastwood who went to the County Agricultural Show held in 1951 in Polegate, where she visited the WI stand. The Jevington & Filching WI was started on the

29th October 1951, when 16 people, two with babies in arms, wended their way in torrents of rain to the schoolroom to meet Lady Castle Stewart, Mrs Houghton and Mrs Peacock who acted as Secretary. These ladies had come to explain the aims of the WI movement with the result that everyone voted in favour of a WI in Jevington and the Formation meeting went ahead. The first Institute meeting was held on Friday 23rd November 1951”.

In 2020 we are changing our name to Wannock Downs WI which is a reflection on where we  moved our meetings to last year, namely Wannock Hall, Jevington Road,  Wannock.  ( Location map ). We are only a stone's throw from both Jevington and Filching and membership is not confined to these areas.

This venue has very good access for anyone with a disability and a loop system is due to be installed soon.

Why don’t we meet in Jevington or Filching? Unfortunately there is no longer a building suitable in size or access for us. The schoolroom, now renamed Jevington Village Hall is approached by steep steps off a busy main road through the village with no pavement or parking. Sadly no ladies with babies in arms now but our membership which fluctuates from 38-45 in number is thriving and very young at heart.

Would you like to know more about us?

You may find answers to some of your questions on our FAQ section or you can email us or use our ​contact us ​page

The Jevington and Filching WI​ Pennant  was made by our Craft group for the 2012 ESFWI County competition. It features a horse as the village has always been famous for its stables and horses right up to the present day.

Wannock Hall

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Wannock Hall

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We look

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The kettle is always on! Jam and Jerusalem are optional!